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National CAD Standard Committees

The United States National CAD Standard®, originally published in 1999, plays a vital role in developing the capability of managing one continuous electronic data stream across the full life cycle of buildings. The standardization of computer-aided design (CAD) drawings facilitates the interconnection of computerized systems for product specifications and maintenance instructions, space planning, energy management, and facility maintenance and management.

The Institute's consensus project committee, the NCSPC, with representation from across the 12 public- and private-interest categories encompassing the entire building construction community performs a detail peer review of each edition of the standard. The NCSPC follows consensus rules approved by the Institute Board of Direction.

To participate in the development of the United States National CAD Standard please fill out and submit the online NCSPC membership application form. There is no cost to join the NCSPC other than owning a current version of the NCS.