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National CAD Standard Steering Committee–V6

The Steering Committee develops policies and procedures to carry out the project, assist in the administration of Project Committee activities, coordinate the work of the project, and generally serve as the governing body of the NCS Project Committee in accordance with the NCS Rules of Governance. The scope of responsibility of the Steering Committee shall include, but not limited to, the format of application forms, ballot submittal forms, and balloting; Project Committee timelines, schedules and revision cycles; meeting venues and media; and any other responsibilities defined in the NCS Rules of Governance.

The following are the members of the Version 6 NCS Steering Committee:

Name Organization Role
Ed Lowe Burgess & Niple, Inc. Chair
Michael Fate Tetra Tech Vice Chair
Greg Jordan Dewberry Secretary
Jennifer DiBona That CAD Girl Member
Steve Spangler USACE Member
Jason Sturniolo RRMM Architects Member